What is the credit counseling courses required in bankruptcy?

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All successful bankruptcy discharges require a prefiling course, typically online, in consumer credit counseling to be completed, as well as a second curse taken during the bankruptcy in personal financial management, also typically online. These courses are typically $10-$20 or so each, and are paid by you directly, above and beyond attorney fees and court filing fees.
The court completion certificates must be filed with the court to receive a discharge.
If the course requirements are not completed, your case will close without a discharge.
If you fail to file the certificates, it is an expensive issue to resolve. If your case closed without a discharge because you did not file your course in personal financial management, you must file a motion with the court to allow you to enter the course completion certificate solely to get the discharge. This is what I call an expensive mistake. This error can cost many hundreds of dollars to fix.
The courses are typically an hour or so each, and go over the basics of how to stay out of debt, and how to manage your personal finances after your bankruptcy.
Your attorney will have a provider they typically recommend for this requirement.

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