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Bankruptcy promises a true fresh start for the honest but unfortunate person that invokes bankruptcy’s sacred constitutionally protections. A fresh start means exactly that – free from the debts of the past so you can move on with your and your family’s life. In essence, you get a fresh start by throwing all your cards on the table (honest) and declaring I need help (but unfortunate). But all you need to do is google what happens after bankruptcy, and you’ll find some stories about what happens when a rogue creditors (a handful of bad apples) don’t follow the letter of the law (spoil the bunch.)

When bankruptcy is filed, you are granted a stay. This is a FEDERAL COURT ORDER SGINED BY A JUDGE PROHIBITING THE CREDTIOR (DEBT COLLECTORS) FROM BOTHERING YOU. This order is temporary at first, it remains in place for the duration of your bankruptcy case, and is transformed at the end of your case into a COURT ORDER CALLED A DISCHARGE INJUNTION. This is a PERMANENET COURT ORDERING eliminating most debts and preventing any creditor subject to it from bugging you about the now eliminated debt. How long does the order stay in place? FOREVER, PERMANENTLY, AD INIFNITUM, IN PERPETUITY. The order kills the debt. Period.

But sometimes rogue creditors purposefully disobey they order. What is a ‘rogue creditor’ – Well, a rogue is something that is “dishonest or unprincipled” or “large wild animal driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies.” A creditor is someone you may owe money to. But why would they disobey a FEDERAL COURT ORDER SIGNED BY A FEDERAL COURT JUDGE? Why do they do that? Have you ever seen the movie “Fight Club” where at the beginning the Narrator (played by Edward Norton) talks about the Formula – where a dangerous car was not taken off the market because it made more economic sense to pay the wrongful death claims that to recall the car? It’s like that.

They either don’t care, they don’t follow the law, or, in reality, their company is set up because they know that in many cases, it’s unlikely they will get caught. After all, after you file bankruptcy, perhaps “I only got harassed on one small debt for a few months, so I figured I’d pay it so they go away.”

This is outrageous that you may have to go through the emotional ups and downs of bankruptcy, only to still feel you have to pay a debt that was eliminated by a federal court order.

At my office, we routinely fight back on behalf of our clients. If after I file your case, creditors continue to harass you, refuse to stop garnishments, ekpp calling you, or even wrose – perhaps you get sued by a debt collector even after you filed bankruptcy against them – I have good news.

For my clients in this situation or perhaps for my clients that fear this situation hear my words:

This is illegal. As part of every bankruptcy case, my office routinely stops these rogue creditors who keep bugging my clients after the case is filed. In many instances, we file lawsuits against these creditors on behalf of my clients. And the cases we take on we do now charge any additional fees for. In fact, the rogue creditors are made to pay my additional legal fees for this protection and they are required to pay you money called damages for their ongoing post-bankruptcy harassment.

This is included as part of every case I file. Ask about how this this included additional protection my office offers with every case I file. If it happens in your case, this translates into me paying you to assist with your bankruptcy.

Make sure you get the FULL BENEFIT of your true fresh start rogue creditor enforcement service when we talk about your bankruptcy today.

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Written by the Law Offices of Alexzander C. J. Adams, P.C.

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