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AVVO Reviews


Traci | December 27, 2018

Alexz and his staff were exceptional through my bankruptcy. Very attentive to my needs through such an emotional roller coaster. I definitely would recommend them to friends and family if needed. Quick and efficient with great attention to detail!!!!

professional and straightforward

ryan teal | October 26, 2018

I have had my first consultation with the office of Alexzander Adams today about the filing of a chapter 7. From the moment we shook hands until leaving the office i feel more confident and at ease about the situation thanks to the knowledge and care they put into the first steps of the process. I am excited to move forward and get the rest behind me. strongly recommend

(An Angel )…. is Counselor Adams

Mary Barbee | October 17, 2018

I happened to run accross Counselor Adams add while I was at wits end, drowning in debt, some my own, the minority from identity theft. I asked my lord, what can I do? My burden was heavy, I was in despair, that was on a Sunday, on Monday I called and got an appointment with Mr Adams; that very day, he changed my perspectives, and put the light back into my little life. With that being said….
Thank you so very much Mr Adams for the awesome light youve cast back into my life. May God continue to Bless you abundantly and keep you in his good Grace always!
Mary Barbee

Alex and Team

Frank | July 26, 2018

Alex and his team are awesome from day one his ten and he have helped us with everything protecting our property and keeping a ex family member from ripping us off Thank you so much


anonymous | June 12, 2018

Alex and his team were so nice and helpful. They went above and beyond to make sure that I understood everything and even were able to work with me on my crazy work schedule. I would recommend him and his team to anyone who wants a lawyer who knows his stuff. Alex also provided help for after everything to help me get back on track. Even now Alex was able to help point me in the right direction to where I need to go. Thank you Alex and while i did enjoyed having you as my lawyer I must also say I hope i never need your services again. Lol


Tami | May 10, 2018

While my attorney was unavailable, I was in dire need of some counsel. I left a message for Mr. Adams, and his assistant called me back. After speaking to Greg, he informed me that since I had an attorney, Mr Adams couldn’t give me legal advice, but he thought it might be beneficial for me to talk to him anyway, and he had Mr. Adams call me back. Knowing I’m not going to be a client, he still gave me some suggestions to ask my own attorney, and spent a half hour going over the issues I had. That is so unusual now days, and helped me rest easier until my lawyer returned. I also had some good ideas on what to ask exactly, which further eased my mind.

Impeccable beyond belief!

The Marshall’s | March 30, 2017

Alexz Adams was amazing from start to finish. We were very fortunate to have been recommended to go to Mr. Adams. From the moment we walked into the doors to his office to the discharge date, Alexz was there for us. He was right by our side in court, helped us to understand what we needed to do. No matter how many questions or concerns we had going through the process, he always would address our issues no matter how big or small.
We are very confident to recommend Mr. Adams to all and any needs you may have. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

Most caring and Understanding

Frank | March 22, 2017

Alexander C.J. Adams has been great working with during my bankruptcy. I first contacted His office two years ago, to start my bankruptcy. It has taken two years to get where we’re almost done with my bankruptcy, because of how chaotic my life has been. They have been understanding, patient, while I try to get everything in order to complete my bankruptcy. Every time I call the office, I either get somebody right away to talk to or somebody calls me back. They have been very patient and understanding, probably more than most lawyers would be if the client was taking so long to get their stuff together. It has been a great pleasure to work with Alexander Adams and his team, and I would recommend them to anyone who is filing bankruptcy. Their staff is always friendly, caring and understanding. Thank you, Alexander C.J. Adams, and your staff for all your help, your patience, and your understanding. You made my bankruptcy so much easier, and my life is beginning a new chapter because of you.

Excellent service

Paula | December 30, 2016

Making a decision to file for bankruptcy was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make as we pride ourselves on being responsible. Alexz was great to work with and took a hold of our case and made the process seamless. He and his team always answered any questions we had throughout the years we were in Chapter 13. We are now done and moving on. I can’t thank Alexz and his team enough for their support and knowledge throughout this process.

A most dignified, compassionate, caring and empathetic experience during and through a difficult period in life

anonymous | November 17, 2016

I would like to start by saying The Law Offices of Alexzander CJ Adams has provided the most caring, understanding, empathetic, and compassionate legal care throughout our 60 months of a chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is a group of some of the most dignified professionals in the business. Everyone in the office listens, responds in a timely manner and helps you feel like you are their only client. Their is NO shame is reaching out for help and accepting the HOPE provided through Alexzander’s team of professionatls.

Alexzander C.J. Adams

Paula | May 14, 2016

I sought help from Attorney Adams when I needed to file bankruptcy. Mr Adams and his staff function like a well oiled machine and I also was treated kindly and with respect. I recommend Alexzander C.J. Adams very highly.

Absolutely amazing attorney, World class customer service, highly recommend Alexzander and his team.

Todd | August 21, 2015

Alexzander and his team are absolutely amazing. I was agonizing over the process of having to file for bankruptcy and researched attorneys in the local area. After reading a lot of very positive reviews I set up an appointment to discuss my situation. Alexzander was compassionate and asked me about the details of my financial situation and walked me through the pros and cons of the options that were available to me. He took time to explain the details and how the process works.
His team guided me through the steps of gathering the information they needed to file my case and did so very quickly and painlessly for me. Alexzander’s team was there to guide me through the whole process, including the court date. They made what I believed was going to be a difficult process extremely easy. They were also extremely thorough, ensuring that nothing was left out and that everything was well documented.
The team’s level of customer service is way above and beyond the call of duty. I’ve worked with attorneys for years through my work and I’ve never experienced the level of service and compassion as Alexzander and his team. They have continued to support me through the past 4 years as I’ve had questions and have always respond in a timely fashion, and in fact often well before I would have expected a response. I recommend Alexzander to all of my friends and highly recommend him to you!

A great lawyer to deal with a bad experience

Tracy | January 24, 2015

Several years ago, Alex did an excellent job helping my wife and I get through a bankruptcy. With his help and advice we were able to start over and buy a house recently. When some issues with an old creditor came up that nearly stopped us from refinancing our new home, Alex helped us out. He worked with us and our finance guy to resolve the issue. He was able to get the lien removed from our home. He was always available to answer our questions and make sure my wife and I were protected. We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate all he has done for us.


Tiffany | January 5, 2015

So happy to have retained Mr Adams for my bankruptcy. It was so fast easy and not at all stressful experience. The communication was great and most def would recommend this place to others. Even though it was a bitter sweet time going through bankruptcy they made it simple and efficient. The best part was him working with me and giving me a fair price to handle my case,it was affordable and he seemed to be very sympathetic to my situation.

Chapter 7

Marianne | December 15, 2014

There are people in your lifetime that you meet and they come and go. Then there are people you meet that help you” turn your life around!” For all the encouraging words and support from Alexander C. J. Adams Law Firm, I want to thank you whole heartedly for being there for me. I couldn’t have managed all the stress without your help, Alexz, Greg and Derek! What a great team the works together for the clients sake…thanks again!

Alex is the one!

August | November 1, 2014

Alexzander C.J. Adams is an excellent truly caring Lawyer. I came to Alex with a pile of worries, he separated me from the dark place I was in, and helped me back to financial stability. Yes there was doubt, but only mine! He always had faith I would get thru this. Yes it was a long recovery, 3 Years. But on Nov 1, 2014 he informed me my ordeal was over. He’s the Lawyer you want, but really it’s up to you! Trust your future to Alexander. You’ll be happy with your decision.
Thank You Alex

Highly recommended

anonymous | September 17, 2014

Alexz was understanding and well-informed and reliable. He answered all of my questions patiently and promptly (and I had many). He kept me informed, and, even though my case wasn’t huge, he treated me like I was important.

Highly Recommend

Rick | June 20, 2014

We originally tried to file a ch13 on our own, but with push back after push back from the trustees office we were stressed out and at our wits end. I originally started calling around to different offices just trying to get some over the phone help on filling out the paper work so it would go through. I called Alex’s’ office and spoke with Greg initially and he convinced me to come in and meet with Alex. After a sit down with him I agreed to just let him take over everything. He got our 13 converted to a chapter 7 which worked out better for us anyways. When we got the next wrench thrown into our lives of getting a 60 day notice to move out because the owners of our home wanted to move back in, my first call was to him to get status (nobody will accept a moving app with out a discharged case). A few calls later between Alex, myself, the courts and our bank and we got the last step in our case expedited so rather than being up against a wall and having literally 4 days to find, apply and move into a new home, we wound up with almost 6 weeks. We would highly recommend Alex to anyone that needs help navigating the painful world of bankruptcy.

Your Guardian against the Forces of Debt

Thomas | April 8, 2014

When I first met Alexzander Adams and his team, I was bewildered and at the end of my financial rope in a very literal sense. The prospect of bankruptcy was a scary one for me, and prior to rationalizing the necessity of such an action, I had often dismissed the word as the dreaded “b-word”, never to be uttered aloud. I really had no idea what to expect about the whole proceedings.
Thankfully, Alexzander Adams met with me and alleviated my fears with his warm and calm personality. He and his staff worked closely with me, guiding and supporting me through each step of the bankruptcy process while quickly quashing any issues of debt harassment that came up. Everything was explained very clearly to me, and there was never a time where I felt confused or lost.
I’d like to also add that Greg and Derek, members of his team, were fantastic and just as wonderful. Greg, particularly, has a great sense of humor that will help you look beyond your current financial plight and have a good laugh.


Randy | February 20, 2014

Alex was very compassionate for a very stressful situation. The staff was very responsive throughout the entire process and he made everything very clear and simple.


anonymous | February 8, 2014

Alexzander and his team performed beautifully. They followed up on every question and all phone calls. Also, they quickly tackled any problem with creditors. He and his team are very kind and very reassuring. It was a stellar experience. I give Alexzander C. J. Adams an A+! I highly recommend him.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Robert | January 27, 2014

Mr. Adams did an outstanding job for me in researching, consulting with me and taking me through to a successful Discharge and closed case. He, and his associates were easy to deal with and I was kept informed each step of the way. I appreciate his demeanor and professionalism. I would recommend him to any one in my situation.

Alexzander is a great bankruptcy lawyer

Kenneth | January 22, 2014

I can recommend Alexzander C.J. for bankruptcy lawyer. He has been very helpful in assisting me with my chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was nervous and hesitant at first about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. He explained the process that I would go through to help me clear up my dept. He is very professional in explaining his steps and assuring me that my bankruptcy will go smoothly. I then hired him to represent me in assisting me with my bankruptcy.

Happy and Thankful Client

Lester | December 24, 2013

Mr. Alexzander is a Gem among the Attorney class. He was very positive and reassuring to me in my time of extreme need. He and his staff have been extremely helpful to me and I would not hesitate to refer him or any of the attorneys in this office to any client needing competent professional help.

Most remarkable lawyer I have ever known

Lidia | November 13, 2013

At first I was hesitant to see Mr. Alexzander due to my previous experiences with other lawyers, but to my surprise just by entering his office I felt a good vibe about him and I wasn’t wrong. He treated me with integrity and respect unlike other lawyers that made me feel like I had to hurry up because I was taking up from their precious time. Very professional, Mr. Alexzander listened attentively to my problems; he was all about me and how to solve my money issue more effectively. He was upfront and honest with me (which is very rare) about my options and the cost, without adding the extra costs here and there as other lawyers might do in the course.
I am really happy to have Mr. Alexzander Adams represent me at a bankruptcy court.

Highly Reccomended

Nichole | November 6, 2013

I had the pleasure of working with Alexzander C. J. Adams this year and am more than grateful that I chose to retain him to represent me. Attorneys are a dime a dozen yet Alex sets himself apart by paying close attention to detail and truly caring about the clients he chooses to represent. Aside from handling my case efficiently and effectively he walked me through the processes step by step to ensure I fully understood and was a aware of the proceedings from start to finish. He made himself available to me promptly, often times after hours and on weekends, when questions arose as he understands how stressful legal cases can be. I would highly recommend Alex and would absolutely retain him again for future needs. He went above and beyond, even after my case was complete, offering advice as a courtesy; not for compensation. In my opinion, he is a top notch attorney whose background and education aid in successful results.

Bankruptcy process

anonymous | September 26, 2013

We came to Mr. Adams with our financial lives in dire straits. We knew bankruptcy was the only way out. Mr. Adams and highly efficient staff guided us through the entire process. It was a pleasure working with him. The man knows his stuff!

Excellent experience with Alex. highly recommended!!!

Jonathan | July 12, 2013

I was facing wage garnishment for hospital bills..
Alex help me get through it he was very easy to work with very professional. explained the process to me in great detail and put my mind at ease about the whole thing. his staff was also very very good to me. I was always able to get ahold of somebody if I had a question or any concerns.I cannot say enough good things about Alexander!!! I would highly highly recommend this attorney for and bankruptcy case. I had a very pleasant experience working with him and his staff!!

My First Choice

Suzanne | April 19, 2013

I went to Alexz after receiving a creditor lawsuit at a time when I was just beginning to get on my feet. I was surprised at how compassionate and caring Alexz was, and how willing he was to work with me, given my circumstances. He gave me clear instructions on what to do, what to say to creditors, how to prepare myself for filing. He and his staff have guided me in the most caring, professional manner through a tough personal time. I can’t say enough for Alexander Adams and his staff.

Reliable Legal Assistance

Steve | March 25, 2013

I consulted with Alex on a pending legal matter and found him to be a friendly, well informed ally. All information discussed was given in a forthright & down to earth fashion. It was clear throughout that MY best interests & options were priority 1. All around refreshing & valuable legal counsel. I recommend going in to see Alex highly.


Christina | February 26, 2013

If you need a bankruptcy attorney, hire Alexz right now–seriously! I had to switch attorneys in the middle of my case, and Alexz has been an absolute breath of fresh air. He will take his time to explain every detail to you, and give you lots of time to ask questions. I agree with the previous reviewer–above and beyond! I genuinely had no idea attorneys could be so helpful and reassuring.

Bankruptcy chapter 7

Karma | February 16, 2013

Alexzander and his staff was great you really couldn’t ask for a better person in your corner then Alexzander. My husband and I where going thru some real hard times and was looking at things getting worse in our lives. With my husband ill and bills get out of control and more on the way in Medical bills we just didn’t know what to do. We went to Alexzander and he took us though it all.
Alexzander and his staff knew what we where going though and what was to come and with all of the care and hard work that his office did for us there is no way to put it in to words out side of THANK YOU VERY MUCH and that just doesn’t even come close nor enough to say to Alexzander and his staff.

Hire Alexzander Adams

Sandra | February 14, 2013

Alex and his staff were supportive and professional during a very difficult time for me. They made the scary process of filing for bankruptcy not only understandable, but they were also personable, supportive and compassionate. And the results were so much more positive than I could ever have imagined!
I researched lawyers, and interviewed 4 before I chose Alexz. With each Lawyer I spoke with, I told them I was interviewing others, and they all asked me who else I was talking to. Each of them had heard of Alexz, but had never heard of any of the others, and all of them said that I would be in excellent hands if I hired Alexz. I had not wanted to drive to Beaverton from Portland, but when I met with Alexz, and he answered all of my questions patiently and thoroughly and provided additional information, I hired him on the spot.
I highly recommend Alexz, without reservation, and am so glad I found him and his firm. They turned a scary and difficult time of my life into a positive and rewarding experience.
Alexz knows the trustees, and has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases. He is competent, intelligent and caring. You will not go wrong choosing Alexz.

5 Star Attorney

Julie | January 23, 2013

I can’t say enough good things about Alex and his staff. Alex, Sharon and Greg treat their clients like family and go above and beyond what I would expect from an attorney. Alex knew how important a loan mod was to me and said he would do his best. I never, ever doubted that it would happen. They fight very hard for every client and because of that, have a high success rate. I highly recommend them with a 5 star rating.

Very professional and Sincere

Bonus | January 12, 2013

Alexzander C.J is very competent and diligent. He also maintains communication with a client. He was so helpful to me during my struggle with foreclosure issues. I recommend everybody to him and trust me he’s gonna do whatever he could to get you out of the dark hole..

Alex Adams Is An Excellent Lawyer!

anonymous | November 28, 2012

I highly recommend Alex Adams for attorney services. He represents me in a Chapter 13 which is being converted to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He has timely filed all documents that are court-requested. He was pleasant in the office every time we met to discuss my case. I work in the legal field and can say without a doubt that Alex Adams is the man to see for any legal work you may need. You won’t be disappointed!

Oustanding work & letting us know and believe we have a 2nd chance!

Chelle | August 17, 2012

Before coming to Alexz’s office, I met with other bankruptcy attorneys and have not felt anything like how I felt when I had my first appointment with Alexz. In doing my research, I visited his website and already knew Alexz is who we wanted to assist us in the situation we were in. His website was very informative and didn’t make us feel skeptical on discussing anything with him or his team. He has met everything said on his website overview and more! Alexz and his team gave us hope with a fresh start. They advised us on what we should do step-by-step. From my first telephone conversation, my first appointment, emails and correspondence received, he and his staff has done an outstanding job of informing us what we needed to do. They emphasized the critical deadlines that should be met. With their instruction and guidance through filing bankruptcy, they have done an awesome job! As the client, we have followed exactly what has been instructed with no hesitation or doubt. They have given us peace of mind, as well as a painless journey through this entire process. From our first meeting, he listened to our situation and knew what needed to be done with a very short time frame he had in working to file our bankruptcy. Following all instructions and doing our homework as every client should, which includes meeting all deadlines; he was able to avoid further action from other creditors in less than a week. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else because of Alexz and his staff’s efficiency, knowledge, and honesty. We are on our way to a new start in our lives with no worries and sleepless nights. He has given us the second chance we needed to improve the future for our family.

Feedback Review for Alexzander C. J. Adams

Ruthane | August 5, 2012

This is a letter to let you know how much I appreciated you and your law firm. You have a top-notch team that made me feel like I was actually important to you, and not just another client. You gave me the feeling that you really cared. Bankruptcy is a very nerve-jarring thing to go through and your professionalism and compassion is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend your firm to everyone I meet. The firm of Alexzander C.J. Adams, P.C. is the law firm to go to when you need help!!!

VERY Highly Recommend Alexzander Adams-The Best!

Brian and Kristine | July 29, 2012

If you are looking for an excellent lawyer, who knows his business and is committed to doing the best for you, then you want Alexzander Adams. Alexzander and his team are amazing! He took us as clients, on a VERY tight schedule of work that was required to help us and he got it done in record time! He worked with us to do the things that were best for us, for which we are very thankful! He has always kept us informed and updated on everthing. He has also, always explained things to us in a way that we can understand. Before we hired Alexzander, we had another Law Firm that did nothing for us in 2 1/2 years. Alexzander has gotten SO much accomplished for us in a MUCH shorter time. Like I said he and his team are amazing!


Jack | June 15, 2012

Mr. Adams took me through what seemed like an impossible negotiation with my mortgage company with ease. He kept me realistic and was always available. He displays strength, a tremendous base of knowledge, and balances these qualities with caution and care for his clients. I was aware that beyond his own interests, he was invested in his clients. From my experience, this is a rare quality. Having worked with a number of lawyers over the years, I can categorically state he was the best.

Nice Attorneys do exsist

Nicholas | October 19, 2011

I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone in need of an attorney. He was very kind and understanding. I feel that he did actually go the extra mile and really did help me when I most needed it. He is a nice honest man with a good caring heart. A good choice for anyone in need of that kind of help. He made the process of bankruptcy a semi painless one.

Alexz has been a true blessing. Honest, Caring, Confident and Understanding. A wonderful guy!

Cheryl Gallegos | September 20, 2011

I contacted Alexz in January of this year inquiring about a personal bankruptcy. I had so much anxiety realizing that bankruptcy was my only option. The day I decided to make that emotional and difficult call, Alexz was the one I was connected with. He was listed on a work poster for bankruptcy questions. I was chocked up and almost in tears. Alexz was compassionate and we made an appointment the next day. Meeting him in person, he helped put my fears to rest. He assured me that the first phone call is the hardest part and was confident he could help me. I felt a sense of trust from him and his staff. He was right, that first phone call was the hardest part. He and his staff have been wonderful. He helped me file a Chapter 13. He has been able to also include my second mortgage into the bankruptcy, eliminating for me!! I can even save my home now. I feel like I’ve been given my life back when I didn’t really believe it could happen. He has helped me more than I could have imagined.
I am a 49 year old widow. My husbands’ death caused me to fall so far behind. I felt horrible that I couldn’t keep up. On top of that, in 2004, my husband and I had to hire an attorney to finalize some immigration issues. He did the wrong thing for us. We filed a complaint with the state and he was ultimately barred from practicing law completely for legal malpractice. He fled the country weeks before his trial, never to return. Of course, we lost all monies paid to him and then had to hire another one to fix things. Needless to say, this bizarre incident made me VERY cautious of attorneys.
I can’t say how grateful I am to have Alexz as my attorney. He is very knowledgeable and gets things moving quickly. I would refer him to any one of my family members or friends. He has been a blessing from above!

A true top notch Professional and a great person!

Patrick | September 18, 2011

Trying to find help at a low point in your life, can easily add to the stress your under, and its easy to find the wrong attorney or one who makes you feel even worse about your self, but we were so very blessed when we met Alexz. He lets you know there is light at the end of the tunnel and took the great burden of worry off off our shoulders. When we walked out of his office, we felt so relieved. He is very laid back and relaxed and a people person. He makes you feel like you just made a new friend. He and his staff are very friendly, efficient and know exactly what to do to help. We cannot say enough good things about him and his staff. Thank you so very much!

Thank you so much. You are my lawyer for life.

J.R. | August 29, 2011

I met with a million attorneys before finding Alexz to help fix my finances. I was getting 30-50 calls a day from debt collectors and within a couple of days, the phone stopped ringing. I had what Alexz called the ‘perfect storm’ of a situation. He was able to stop the collections calls, eliminate my second mortgage, and somehow he paid off my car which I owed a lot of money on at a high percentage rate all the while eliminating my credit cards debt. I had monthly payments of 1900 which somehow he got down to about 400 for three years. I would recommend Alexz to anyone in need of help. Thank you.

Tireless Professionalism

anonymous | May 13, 2011

After being served with papers by a vicious neighbor citing false allegations, we did not know where to turn. We received a referral for Alexz Adams and, when we contacted him and provided him with the information we had, he immediately took our case knowing we were being swindled. He and his staff worked tirelessly with us researching evidence and they were able to provide enough evidence in our favor that plaintiff withdrew her case knowing she would lose in court. We appreciate the kindness, above all, and the professionalism of Alexz and his staff. He is very knowledgeable in his field and we would definitely recommend him to others and would hire him again ourselves, if ever needed.

Above and beyond!

Gregory | December 23, 2010

I was in dire straights when I came to Alexz for help. By the time I left his office after our first meeting I knew that my problems were taken care of. He and his staff are professional, kind, and above all understanding of all the issues I was having. Through the whole process I was kept up to date on all aspects of my case. At my hearing Alexz took the time to let me know what was going to happen with the trustee and what questions I was going to be asked. The hearing was quick and painless for me. Alexz even let me use one of his office computers to take my second class. I would recommend him highly and have told friends and family that he is the lawyer I would work with.