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Firm Overview

Every day I get up and work to protect people from all different walks of life from the oppression that can result from unpaid debts. I stop home foreclosures, I resolve tax obligations, I stop garnishments, I reinstate driver’s licenses, and I resolve many different types of other financial problems.

But my firm has a purpose beyond simply making money. It is also my job to help my clients turn their ship around, cut the anchors of past overwhelming debts, and push them back out into sea of life. There are real benefits to my individual clients in the work I perform—work that is based on the fact that a lawyer is nothing other than a service professional. I strive to treat my clients like a plumber or an electrician should—i.e., by providing great service at a reasonable price when the work is needed.

I have heard hundreds of times over the years that I don’t come off like other lawyers that my clients have known and that they appreciate the directness of my approach. I take great pride in this.

I started my journey toward being a lawyer early after I ended up in court over some trouble in high school. I was lucky in that I had a skilled advocate to defend me against the accusations that had been made against me. The power this lawyer was able to wield against my opponents to defend me and prove my case was amazing. I’d never seen anything like it. I thought that it would be an awesome thing to do if I could help those in need in the same way—and it would be even better if it was a job—and even better still if it paid money!

So after chasing my dream of playing guitar and bass by touring with a band, I went to law school to become a trial lawyer. After law school, I discovered (as most lawyers do) that becoming Atticus Finch or Moe Levine in the courtroom is sadly unrealistic these days.

But what ended up being very realistic to me was being able to help people in another way—by helping clients work through their personal financial issues through consumer bankruptcy cases. In bankruptcy, I get to stop—usually dead in their tracks—the relentless creditor harassment of my clients. I am also able to quickly and efficiently relieve most, if not all, of the financial problems and debt burdens my clients carry with them. And once that happens to a person, some amazing things occur, things that I’m incredibly lucky to see on a daily basis in my practice. For example:

  • Single parents working two jobs to pay off old debts can now work one job and spend time with their family;
  • People who have been beaten into submission by ruthless creditor phone calls can now answer their phone with confidence that they will not be emotionally harassed;
  • People with no focus and no drive because of crushing debt payments can now move on with their lives and build their dreams; and
  • Business people who have lost a business can focus on building new businesses.

The list goes on.

Often times, I say the first positive thing to my clients about their situation that they can remember hearing in a very long time. In my work, I get to provide hope, a better future, and a greatly improved quality of life to an amazing group of people. The tremendous positive difference that I’m able to make in my clients’ lives is very powerful, and I take it very seriously. This is who I am, and this is why I love being a consumer bankruptcy attorney.

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