What Is the Best Scenario For DUII?

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When you are facing DUII charges, it can be an incredibly scary and confusing time. You could be worried about the penalties you are facing, the financial burden, how you will function if you lose your license, and even about the potential jail time you could be facing.

If you were arrested for driving under the influence, the best-case scenario is that no one was injured – either yourself or others on the roadways. After you confirm that everyone is OK, then you can focus on your case and the possible outcomes you could be facing. It’s essential to focus on your legal case.

As soon as possible, you need to hire an experienced DUII attorney. They will know the ins and outs of the laws related to DUIIs, the charges against you, and the potential penalties. Your attorney will review your case with you and explain in detail how the legal process will work and what you can expect.

After they review the police notes and collect any evidence – including details of your traffic stop, field sobriety tests, and breathalyzer or blood test results – they will discuss your case with you. Your attorney will ensure everything was done legally, and look for any errors or violations that can help your case. They will discuss the potential outcomes you could face, including the best-case scenarios.

Best DUII Outcomes

There can be a lot of serious penalties for DUII charges. It’s crucial to know these so you know what you could be facing. Your DUII attorney will review these with you, as well as the best possible outcomes for you, including:

  • Plea Bargains: Depending on your case, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain. As part of the negotiations, your attorney may negotiate for community service instead of jail time or, if community service is not an option, far less jail time than the prosecutor is requesting..
  • Attend DUII Diversion Programs: If this is your first DUII offense, your lawyer can try to get you into a diversion program to reduce your charges – or even a dismissal of the charges. These programs typically involve completing alcohol or drug treatment, attending educational courses, performing community service, and adhering to other specified requirements.
  • Minimize Sentencing Consequences: If you are convicted of a DUII, your attorney can try to minimize your sentence. To do this, they may present evidence of mitigating circumstances, such as a lack of prior criminal history, participation in rehabilitation programs, or completion of community service. Your attorney will likely try to get reduced penalties like lower fines, or help you avoid jail time by instead arguing for probation and community service.

When facing DUII charges, it’s essential to hire an experienced and qualified DUII attorney. The right lawyer will help you determine the best possible outcome for your case and present you with realistic options while negotiating to get your sentence reduced or lessen your penalties.

Let Us Help You

If you’re facing DUII charges, hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. This can be a scary time and you can be facing very seriously penalties that can change your life. To ensure you are putting together the best defense, you need to hire an experienced attorney. Let our lawyers at The Law Offices of Alexzander C.J. Adams, P.C. help you review your options and possible outcomes. We work for you, the people, and not institutions. Contact us for a free case evaluation, or no-obligation consultation. We are dedicated to helping you overcome this small bump in the road and assisting you to get on with your life.

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