Wage Garnishment

How am I supposed to keep a roof over my families head and provide food for my kids when they take 25% of my paycheck!?!?!?!

In Oregon, a judgment creditor who sues you can take 25% of your after tax paycheck in most instances until the debt is paid. They can also take generally 100% of your bank account once every 90 days. I’ve had clients come in crying on payday when their $1,000 direct deposit is only $750, and the money that used to be in their bank account is gone. To look at the bank balance like this and wonder what you are going to do is one of the darkest moments any husband, wife, or parent may eve face.

If you’ve been ostriching about how to resolve your debts and are facing this jarring experience, I can help.

Sometimes debt can feel hopeless. People owe so much money that every dollar is spoken for. They face tough decisions. Which creditors should be paid this month? Is there anything that can be held off until the next paycheck?

This is a bad situation, but it gets worse when those decisions are made for you—when your creditors take matters into their own hands and seek wage garnishments. When payments for their debts are taken directly out of your paycheck, you are robbed of the chance to make payments to other creditors. Often, a wage garnishment by one creditor leads to a wage garnishment by another. The situation is like a house of cards that comes toppling down. In Oregon, garnishments can be as high as 25 percent of your paycheck and can often take all of the money in your bank account.

If you are facing wage garnishment, you do have options. Generally, filing for bankruptcy will stop wage garnishment. However, you must act quickly. The filing must be done before your next paycheck. If this is not possible, you may be able to collect the money that was taken out of your check.

I also hear how am I supposed to afford an attorney? I am being garnished. The truth is that I don; know the answer until this until I review your situation, but the reality is that I can generally find a way to make my services fit within your budget. Although I don’t handle cases for free (as I’d prefer to not become my own client), this is often much easier than you may think.

I offer fast and effective debt relief for people throughout the Greater Portland metropolitan area and the entire state of Oregon. When you hire me, I’ll take your debt burden onto my shoulders. We handle matters for you so that you can sleep better, focus on your family, and put your financial stresses behind you. My clients get the help they need to navigate the debt-relief maze and stop wage garnishment.

Let me help you navigate you journey through these turbulent waters. Call me today.

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Written by the Law Offices of Alexzander C. J. Adams, P.C.

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