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Stop Foreclosure Now

Stop Foreclosure in Portland Oregon


Facing a foreclosure is one of the scariest things that can happen regarding debts. Quite literally, the lender can take your home from you.

Bankruptcy provide a number of options to restructure mortgage arrears, stop foreclosures completely or temporarily, and provide you with breathing room to make sure you make the right decision about you are your family’s future.

Often, you can make a reasonable payment above and beyond your mortgage payment to pay back any unpaid mortgage arrears and property taxes over 36 to 60 months. What is there is substantial equity in your house, but there is a foreclosure sale pending?

Did you know bankruptcy will provide a path to stop foreclosure in Portland Oregon, put your in control of the house sale, and provide you with the benefits of all of your hard earned equity. Bankruptcy is a way, which will help you with the way to stop foreclosure in Portland.

Why let the bank control your future? Most of my clients don’t know how bankruptcy works because the banks don’t want you to know. Bank will not tell you about this. Don’t let the banks win by taking your home unless you know all the rules they use. If you are facing a foreclosure, bankruptcy may be a way to help you achieve your goals in way and manners that you didn’t know bankruptcy covered. I will help you to stop foreclosure. Get in touch with me to solve your problem.