My case discharged. What is that?

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The discharge is typically the main goal of filing bankruptcy. It is the final permanent court order that says to the world all the debts that you had prior to the day of filing the bankruptcy that can be eliminated are eliminated. This is the enforceable order that can be used forever to make sure you get the protection of the bankruptcy filing.
In Chapter 7, this discharge occurs about 90 days after the filing of the case, and in Chapter 13, approximately 36 to 60 months after the filing of the case.
The discharge order is enforceable. If a creditor tries to resume collection after the entry of the discharge order, you have the right to reopen your bankruptcy case and sure the creditor for violating the discharge order.
Discharges do not happen in every bankruptcy. If a case dismisses and is not reopened, there will be no discharge to the debt.
There are other situations where the case is not discharge eligible.

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