How A DUII Can Impact Your Finances

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When you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it can have numerous negative effects on your life. While you might immediately be concerned about the charges you are facing and the potential loss of your driver’s license, a DUII can also impact your finances.

Paying For DUII Fines

When you are charged with driving under the influence, you will tally a large number of fines for your offense. For the first offense in Oregon, you could be fined over $1,000. Depending on the breath test or blood draw results, the fine could be significantly higher than that. If you’ve had prior DUII offenses, your fine increases based on the number of prior convictions. This does not include court fees, legal fees, and other legal costs you could be accountable for.

Rising Insurance Premiums

A DUII can have a huge impact on your insurance costs. Your premiums might skyrocket after a DUII conviction. These inflated payments can last for a few years, depending on your insurance carrier.


If you lose your license due to a DUII, you will need to find another mode of transportation. You could suddenly be forced to pay for public transportation or rideshare fees to get to and from work, to the store, even to your court hearings and appointments with your attorney.

Job Status

Depending on the severity of your DUII charges and the number of prior convictions, it could count as a felony on your record. This could impact your status at work – or your ability to get a new job. If you get a DUII you will need to determine if it affects your employment status. Your ability to get to work if you lose your license can also put your job in jeopardy if you are unable to find a reliable mode of transportation.


Having a DUII on your record, and the possibility of having a criminal record, can affect the type of job you can get and what promotions you may be eligible for. This can have a negative impact on the amount of income you are eligible to make. A DUII can prevent you from obtaining a job that requires you to submit a motor vehicle record. If you are charged with a felony, you may also be ineligible for any job that runs a criminal background check.

Time Off Work

A DUII can result in numerous legal obligations and meetings with an attorney. Taking time off of work for hearings, appointments, and dealing with the loss of your license can cost you money in lost wages. Even if you are salaried, it will cause you to burn through your vacation time. It can also tarnish your reputation at work if you are constantly taking time off to deal with legal issues.

Hire An Attorney to Represent You

When you are charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants, it is essential to hire an attorney as soon as possible. You need a lawyer to determine if the charges are valid and if you have a case to get the charges reduced. An attorney can also help you try to get the fines lessened and help you sort through your other financial obligations.

Let Us Help You

When you’re facing driving under the influence charges, let our lawyers at The Law Offices of Alexzander C.J. Adams, P.C. help you sort through your options. We work for you, the people, and not institutions. Contact us for a free case evaluation, or no-obligation consultation. We are dedicated to helping you overcome this small bump in the road and assisting you to get on with your life.

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