Chapter 13 plan amendments and modifications

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What happens when you do your best to comply with a confirmed plan, but you just can’t make it work?
A lot of life happens during a Chapter 13 case. You may lose or gain a job, get married, have kids, move out of state, get injured, or some other life events may happen that makes the initial confirmed plan unworkable. In these cases, you may be required to file an amended plan to address these concerns.
What is an amended plan? An amended Chapter 13 plan puts forth a new proposal to pay your debts, typically on a new schedule to address for some unanticipated change in circumstances during your bankruptcy case. Your attorney will, just as on your initial plan, negotiate with your creditors, the trustee, and the court to get your case back on track. Once negotiated, the judge will confirm your new plan.
The bottom line is that your attorney, the court, and the trustee, and even your creditors want your case to be successful, and all the parties recognize that things can change, especially over a long case such as Chapter 13.
Modifications and amendments to your plan are allowed as necessary to make the plan workable for your case, although how it works and what modifications and changes are appropriate are a result of the facts and specific circumstances of your case.

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