Alexzander C. J. Adams

My name is Alexzander C. J. Adams. You can call me Alexz, or Alexzander, or Mr. Adams – whichever is more comfortable for you – or for Paul Simon fans, you can call me Al! Opposing counsel doesn’t always have such jovial words for me. If you are wondering, you’ll have to ask my mother why there is a “Z” in the middle of my name. I’ve often wondered myself… Yes, my name is spelled Alexzander Adams, and not Alexander Adams….

Kirk W. Knutson

My name is Kirk W. Knutson. I grew up in Missoula Montana, where after high school, I chose to serve our country for (6) years as a U.S. Marine. After my service in the U.S. Marines, I worked as the manager in the development, start-up, and operations of a new food-grade potato starch plant for Penford Food Ingredients, in Wisconsin.

Jacob D. Braunstein

My name is Jacob D. Braunstein, but my clients call me Jake. I came from working class Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania attending Miami University of Ohio where I received dual undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Political Science. I then took the Oregon Trail west where I graduated from the Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon.

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